7 months to the day of Emma's passing, I found out Alex, my beautiful older cat had a uti. he was basically too weak to fight it, so I ended up putting him to sleep on august 20th, 2013. he was peeing blood everywhere in the house and not eating. I brought him to the vet as soon as became really bad. I couldn't stand to see him like that anymore. the vet said it was very treatable, so I just got some antibiotics for Alex. he was still not eating his last night with me and even in the morning, and he did not want to take the pills. he cried in a way that felt like a knife in my gut. I KNEW it was time to let him go. I asked the vet NOT to use the tranquilizer they used on Emma, by the way I did not go to that same vet, and will never again. he went within 15 seconds...very peaceful. I brought him to the mspca to get privately cremated. I love you my mr. buttons always and forever...love mommy.  

just another reminder of the harsh reality of how many puppies are conceived...if you're going to adopt a puppy (or a kitten for that matter, there are kitty mills too), please go to a reputable breeder or a shelter, do not go to a pet store, because thats where most mill pets are sent to be sold.





i just happen to come across the show the lady with 700 cats on tv and i was impressed. lynea lattanzio is relentless in her pursuit of saving all the cats she can. when you watch the show, you will see the journey she takes to save all the cats she can possibly save.



again suprising me, another Kardashian sister shows kindness to animals. Kim recently found a stray chihuahua on the streets. she brought it home with her, babied it, but then found out that the "princess" needed major surgery. Kim went through with it but then realised that she's too busy to take care of this puppy. a vet technician offered to take her in and care for princess. to her relief, Kim was happy but was crying...it was great to see her have a heart. at the end of the episode, there was a caption that said "save a life, adopt a pet from a shelter"...even though i think the Kardashians are irritating, i was so glad this episode aired. hopefully this will show people what they can do and need to do. 

to see this episode:
the animal rescue site is affiliated with petfinder.com. this site is great if you need nick nacks, jewelry, clothing,  and more. the best part of it is, EVERY purchase helps supply food for animals in shelters and sactuaries. i have purchased several things from them. everything suits everyone's budget. they also have daily deals on either shipping or free gift offers. this site even has a feature called "click to give"...everytime you click, you give about half a bowl of food to needy animals, and its totally free! here's the links to find it all!
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most animal shelters are glad to accept some unwanted household items. if you're moving, before you have a yard sale or list items on ebay, donate your stuff to your local animal shelter. they will accept blankets, towels, bowls, pet food, litter, office supplies and things like that anytime. my local animal shelter, along with yours, may have a website where it states what they need. you will feel great after you give! i did...
If you are looking to adopt a pet and you live in the north shore area of Massachusetts, please consider:

The Peabody Animal Life Savers (PALS)
 10 Traders Way (inside Petsmart) Salem MA 01970   

Northeast Animal Shelter 
 347 Highland Ave Salem MA 01970    978-745-9888

Animal Umbrella 
320B Charger St (behind the Northgate Shopping Center)
Revere, MA 02151    617-731-7267

If you live elsewhere in the state, please consider the MSPCA www.mspca.org

or nationally the ASPCA www.aspca.org